Ad-Manum is proud to provide at the service of it's customers the best state of the art technology for manufacturing all its products. All our extruders are LOHIA make with imported EDI T-DIE'S, melt pump, gauge sensors and syncronized winding system. All our circular weaving looms are STARLINGER make with computerised CWM Controllers connected to a central computer which gives us online accurate data and analysis. We are amongst the first few manufacturers in india to start CORONA TREATMENT in printing. As of today, all our pritning machines are equipped with CORONA TREATMENT facilities and 100% of our bags are CORONA treated.

We also have the distinction of having India'a first and only 6 colour corona printing machine. Most of our machines and manufacturing processes have a computer interface connected to a central computer for SCADA system which gives us online and accurate monitoring, analysis and control.



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